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Alchemize Your Pain: How I Transmuted My Chronic Pain To Reclaim My Life


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"Jami is a kind and caring soul. She has inspired me in many ways. I am forever grateful!"

Jeanette O.

“I met Jami five years ago just before her health struggles began, and I witnessed her search for answers. She found them. It is clear in her appearance, her renewed zest for life, and her compassionate attitude in attaining, striving, believing in, and successfully helping others. She did the footwork for you—now reap the benefits! Take her hand, and use this book as a tool to pull you into a life with less pain, more joy, and increased well-being. Most importantly, you will find your true strengths and purpose. THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW!” 

—Christine Nentwich, BA psychology, MA marriage and family therapy 

“Jami has been wonderful and helped me identify and work on issues I wasn’t always aware of that have deterred me in my growth. Jami has made me so very comfortable in open honest conversations which I’ve really never had the luxury of before now. The value added in our short time thus far has been immeasurable.”
-Melissa Broyles

"I feel I have been successful in reaching the goals that I came into this program with. I have experienced the most growth by learning how to spend more time on myself and my needs. Jami is patient, on track, and very supportive. She always answers my questions and my texts. Her program is energizing- I feel better, I have less stress, and Im not tired!"

-Susan Rockingham

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Rediscover Wellness & Self-Care

Are you sick of observing your life passing by, and feeling like your pain is shrinking you into a smaller version of yourself? Let's start with showing you how to prioritize your needs!

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Helping Those Who Are Ready To Help Themselves

I specialize in working with chronic pain sufferers dissatisfied with their current medical treatments. My program is for those who refuse to settle for the life they've been told to expect and are ready to take courageous action toward a more fulfilling life.

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